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Cerro Gordo Adventure
Next Ride: August 9th - 11th 2019
Open Spots: 20
Cost: $300.00 (Member cost: $275.00) Login or Sign Up
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Cerro Gordo ride combines the thrills of dual sport adventure and the opportunity to explore one of the most unique and remote ghost towns from the Wild West.


Your adventure begins in the heart of the Mother Lode and travels southeast on a combination of back roads and dirt roads to Yosemite National Park. From the west entrance you will have the opportunity to ride one of the most scenic mountain passes in the United States. Tioga Road takes you on an epic journey through the nation’s first federally protected area. You will travel through the home of some of the largest living trees, the tallest exposed chuck of granite, and some of the most spectacular alpine scenery in the world including the highest automotive pass in California at 9,945 ft. elevation. From the summit of Tioga Pass your journey will quickly descend from an alpine paradise to the wide-open expanse of the Mono Lake Basin. At this point, your off-road adventure begins as you explore the south shore of Mono Lake where you will have the opportunity to view the ancient tufa rock formations. These unusual pointy rock formations that grace Mono Lake's shores are known as Tufa Towers. From Mono Lake your journey travels south along the Great Eastern Escarpment which offers spectacular views of the Ritter Range and the jagged spires of the Minarets to the resort town of Bishop.


Your adventure travels south along the east side of the Sierra Nevada to Topaz. From Topaz you will continue south on the Eastern Sierra scenic byway which provides breathtaking views of the Sawtooth Range to wide open expanse of the Mono Lake Basin where you will stop for lunch at Bodie Mikes BBQ. After lunch your off-road adventure begins as you explore the south shore Mono Lake where you will have the opportunity to view the ancient tufa rock formations. From Mono Lake your journey travels south along the base of the Great Eastern Escarpment which offers spectacular views of the Ritter Range and the jagged spires of the Minarets to Bishop. Your two night stay will be in the resort town of Bishop which is located near the northern end of the Owens Valley.


Your second day adventure ride travels south through the Owens Valley which offers panoramic views of towering granite peaks over fourteen thousand feet. Your off-road adventure begins in the Alabama Hills which are a range of hills and rock formations at the base of Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the Sierra Nevada as well as the highest summit in the contiguous United States, with an elevation of 14,505 feet. If you’ve never seen the Alabama Hills in person, you most likely have at least seen them in a movie or commercial. The Alabama Hills strange and unique rock formations have been the location for more than 400 movies and hundreds of television episodes. For example, if you’ve ever watched the classic Clint Eastwood movie Joe Kidd, then you’ve seen the Alabama Hills including Lone Pine Peak and Mt Whitney in the background.


Your adventure travels east of Mt. Whitney to the east side of the Owens dry lake bed. From the dry lake bed, your off-road adventure begins as you explore into the high and vast desert range known as the Inyo Mountains. You will have the opportunity to travel the historic Cerro Gordo wagon road which is well graded, but surprisingly steep. This historic route ventures up a narrow notch canyon then traverses across a series of switchbacks through an isolated and pristine desert wilderness dotted with small groves of Joshua trees. As you climb higher into this remote desert range you will be reward with panoramic views of the Owen Valley and Eastern Sierra. After climbing nearly a mile above the dry lake bed and rounding the last switchback, a picturesque sight of the unique and remote ghost towns comes into view. You will have the opportunity to explore the abandoned buildings and silver mines of Cerro Gordo. You will also have the opportunity to walk inside the historic American Hotel which was one of the rowdiest saloons in the Wild West.


Beyond Cerro Gordo, your off-road adventure explores the ancient Bristlecone Pine forest which are the oldest living trees on earth. The trees of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains are the oldest recorded living thing on earth. A millennium older than the Giant Sequoia trees in the nearby Sierra, many are well over 2,000 years old and the ancient “Methuselah” tree in Schulman Grove is dated at more than 4,850 years old. These trees were young and growing at the time stone axes were being used in Europe, the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) was being built, and cuneiform clay tablets were being used in northern Syria. Bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva & aristata) grow in the White Mountains at elevations 9,000 to over 11,000 feet. The oldest trees grow on outcrops of dolomite, an alkaline calcareous, low nutrient soil. Only on the alkaline dolomite will you find pure, relatively dense stands of Bristlecone pine.


Your third day adventure ride travels north along the Eastern Sierra and ventures over scenic mountain passes on its way back the beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Cerro Gordo ghost town is located on the western slope of the Inyo Mountains and east of Mt. Whitney. It was the first major silver strike in Owens Valley. Long before the area was developed, Mexicans had been prospecting the mountain they called Cerro Gordo, meaning “Fat Hill,” looking for silver. However, an early group was attacked by Indians and three of the five prospectors were killed. Two were held captive and when they were released, were required to promise never to return. However, after Fort Independence was established and the Indian activity subsided, the Mexicans came back in 1862.


By 1869, prospectors had taken over the property and ultimately turned it into the largest producer of silver and lead in California, yielding ores that assayed at least as high as $300 per ton. During its heyday Cerro Gordo averaged a murder a week, making it one of the rowdiest mining towns. Today, Cerro Gordo ghost town is considered one of the best “authentic mining towns” from the Wild West.



Multi-Day Ride (20 rider max)

This dual sport adventure ride is perfect for medium to large dual sport adventure bikes.
Off-road terrain is rated "mild to moderate" with some "challenging" and lots of adventure.

Ride distance 600+ miles (75+ miles dirt roads)
Gas stops (135-mile range required)

Day 1, bring water & lunch
Breakfast Lunch & Dinner at restaurants (meal Not included)


Date: August 9th, 10th, 11th, 2019

Meet Time: 9:00 a.m.

Meeting Location: Chevron in Jamestown CA

18151 CA-108, Jamestown, CA 95237

Ride returns to Jamestown CA (approx. 5pm)


Hotels recommended for Friday and Saturday Nights

Riders are responsible to book their Hotel reservations. (Not included)

-Motel 6 1005 N. Main Street Bishop CA 93514

-Comfort Inn 805 N. Main Street Bishop CA 93514

-Best Western Bishop Lodge 1025 N. Main St. Bishop CA 93514

Additional Hotels available in Bishop all in walking distance.


Note: Riders have the 'option' to 'Camp" near Bishop CA.

Riders that choose to camp are recommended to make camping reservations in advance.


Note: Recommend staying in Jamestown CA Thursday Night

Riders are responsible to book their Hotel reservations. (Not included)

-Country Inn Sonora, 18730 CA-108, Jamestown CA 95327

Additional Hotels available in Jamestown and nearby Sonora.


More details listed under "Book this Ride"

Questions email:

Cerro Gordo Adventure
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Dates Selected: August 9th - 11th 2019

Cost: $300.00Open Spots: 20Ride Days: 3
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: 1064 Emerald Bay Road , South Lake Tahoe , CA 96150
Additional Info: Two night Hotel (Not Included) Please have a full tank of gas and be ready to ride! Pack water & snacks / meals at restaurants (meals NOT included) Note:Check ride details within ride article for more details. Questions:
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Registrant Information
Motorcycle Tours, Terms and Conditions:

Riders will be required to carry a valid U.S. or similar International drivers license with valid motorcycle license endorsement.
Riders must demonstrate solid riding ability.
Riders must be at least 21 years of age.
Helmets are required by law and must be worn by all riders.

Booking Requirements:
Tours: You will be responsible for your own motorcycle, food, gas, & lodging costs and any incidentals along the way.

Payments for the tour can be made in U.S. funds by VISA / MasterCard / AMEX / Discover. If completing the registration on-line, please remember to print and complete the waiver and bring it with you to the event. Tours require payment in full with registration.

Cancellation Policy:
Payment for the Tours is due at time of registration. There are no refunds 0-14 days before departure. If you do need to cancel, we would be happy to apply your payment to a future tour. There will be no refunds for unused services or accommodations once the tour has started. If you cancel a Tour 14 days or less prior to the tour date, there will be a $25 cancellation fee. There are no refunds if you cancel 72 hours or less prior to the tour, however tour fees can be applied to future tours. We rarely cancel or postpone a trip, but we reserve the right to do so when necessary: due to dangerous weather conditions or other reasons beyond our control. In the event of such an occurrence, we will refund your fees or apply them to another trip, but we are not responsible for any travel expenses incurred.

Travel Insurance:
Participants are responsible for their own medical insurance.

Storing unneeded luggage or gear:
If you are coming in the region with more gear than you can carry on your bike, or possibly are on an extended vacation, it's commonplace to locate a place to store this extra gear. If you are renting a motorcycle, typically the rental facility will be more than happy to store your luggage or spare gear. This is also commonplace with area hotels. Arrive a day early at your local lodging facility and request they store your extra gear. They'll be happy to comply.

Meals are NOT included in the tour cost so please bring some extra money to be able to partake in the restaurant’s the group will frequent. What is commonplace on the rides is the participants all split the ticket, or simply get separate tickets.

Overnight Tours: Lodging is always pre-booked for you. However, you will be responsible for your lodging costs. Sierra Nevada Adventures Motorcycle Tours will reserve a block of rooms for our tour participants months in advance. Our lodging typically is in Best Western or Holiday Inn type motels that have a pool and jacuzzi, and typically are within walking distance to our dinner destination. Costs range $70-$150 per night depending on the region of California we are in.

Arriving early:
If you are arriving the day prior to the tour, refer to the tour description for a link to a local recommended lodging facility near the launch point for the tour. If you are traveling some distance to reach the launch point, arriving the night prior will ensure you're fresh and ready to ride Friday morning!

When riding in California, we highly recommend that you dress in layers, to adjust to change of weather. In addition, Sierra Nevada Adventures Tours strongly recommends you wear motorcycle specific protective gear while riding a motorcycle. Temperatures during California summers are warm, although the variety of terrain covered in your tours will experience a wide range of temperature and weather conditions.

Tour Safety:
Helmets are required by law in California and Nevada. Tour participants are responsible for any traffic violations they might incur during the tour. Alcohol or drug use during the course of the tour is not permitted under any circumstance or while riding the motorcycle. Over-consumption of alcohol during our evening stop-overs is discouraged also, though we want everyone to have a good time!

California Weather:
The weather in California is often rather predictable during the summer months, namely six months straight of sunshine. Our tour dates are chosen to take advantage of our beautiful summer days, but despite our best efforts, we cannot control the weather, so please come prepared for the possibility of spring/ fall rain showers or summer heat as we will be covering a wide range of climates from high mountain elevations, to coastal areas. Sierra Nevada Adventures Tours reserves the right to make modifications to the tour at any time for any reason.

Bringing your own bike:
The majority of riders on Sierra Nevada Adventures Tours ride their own motorcycles. Sierra Nevada Adventures Tours is by no means a brand specific company. We welcome all makes of motorcycles and tour participants from all walks of life. We only ask if you bring your own motorcycle to ensure you have a new, or nearly new, set of tires and have your motorcycle in excellent running condition. Please ensure your motorcycle is ready to make a week long tour or more. Also consider obtaining some type of road side service for your motorcycle prior to arriving for your tour. You also might find it convenient to trailer your motorcycle to our starting point. If you need a place to store your vehicle and trailer, we can accommodate you provided you're arriving the day before the tour date.

Shipping your own bike:
Often, shipping your bike to your tour destination will about equal the price of a rental bike- however, you'll need to be in California at least 7-9 days to break even. If you plan on riding for a month, it will be cheaper to ship your bike across the domestic United States. Shippers may also require extended shipping times. For example, here for a month? Your shipper may require 2 weeks on the front side, and 2 weeks on the backside of your trip. Motorcycles normally ship uncrated with minimal fuel and are transported business to business. Our rental facilities will be more than happy to receive your motorcycle and have it ready when you arrive. If you would feel more comfortable aboard your own motorcycle, our helpful staff is happy to aid you with this option. We have also seen shippers deliver to dealers also to add to helping you providing a commercial setting to receive your bike.

Renting a motorcycle:
Sierra Nevada Adventures Tours does not rent motorcycles. However, we are more than happy to aid you in your rental process. BMW's and KTM’s dual sport adventure motorcycles are readily available in the San Francisco Bay Area. To ensure you get the bike you want, reserve at least 3 months in advance. Call the rental facility of your choice direct to have them familiarize you with the rental process and costs. Riders will typically pick up the bike the day before the tour date, and arrange to drop it off the following morning at open of business to return the motorcycle. Contact us for questions about rental options.

Non-U.S. Residents:
You must have your passport with you at all times when renting or touring with us if you are not a permanent resident of the United States or Canada.

Flight Arrangements:
Sierra Nevada Adventures Motorcycle Tours does not, and cannot, make flight arrangements, nor is the cost of your flight or travel cost to the starting point included in the tour price.
I agree to the terms and conditions

If you choose to pay at the event please make sure not to forget a valid form of payment. You will not be able to participate in the event if you do not bring cash or a valid credit or debit card.



Cerro Gordo Adventure Ride
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