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ADV Training Day Saturday


Ready to IMPROVE your OFF-ROAD skills for ADVENTURE riding!

Ready to EXPLORE and gain the confidence for OFF-ROAD riding in dirt, mud, rocks, gravel, sand, and water crossings on your ADVENTURE motorcycle!

Dual sport adventure riding is the fastest-growing segment of motorcycling and one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences you can have on two wheels. The freedom to explore on and off-road provides endless opportunities to travel just about anywhere imaginable.

Before you head out for an adventure, you need to sharpen your skills and learn the proper techniques of off-road adventure riding that will allow you to enjoy your sport and your adventure even more.

ADV TRAINING DAY is to provide instructions to improve your skills and coach the proper techniques for off-road adventure riding. After a day of adventure training, you will be safer, more confident, and more prepared to go out and explore just about any type of off-road terrain imaginable.
Instructor: Mark Girardi from Sierra Nevada Adventures will provide the training and coaching to improve your skills for proper off-road riding techniques.

‚ÄčTraining: You will spend the first half of the day training at a closed course off-road training facility at Prairie City State Park. You will receive coaching techniques to improve your skills for off-road adventure riding on this closed course for;  balance, body positioning, braking, accelerating, and navigating over obstacles such as dirt, mud, rocks, sand, water, and gravel. These techniques will be taught and practiced including coaching with the opportunity to ask questions.  

-All obstacles are "challenge by choice" there are no mandatory activities and there is always a go-around to allow you to build your skill level at your own pace.

Lunch Break: During your lunch break you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the lessons learned. You will also receive a list of Adventure Tips describing the techniques learned including helpful tips for dual-sport adventure riding. 

Adventure Ride: You will have the opportunity to spend the second half of the day on a unique dual sport adventure ride through the California Gold Country. This ride will allow you to practice the techniques learned on the practice course and apply your skills to real-world obstacles encountered on a typical dual sport adventure ride.
Instructor: Mark Girardi will guide this adventure ride and demonstrate the techniques and lessons learned to help riders along the way.

Your half-day adventure ride will provide you with the opportunity to practice your skills on a scenic route through the Gold Country. The off-road terrain on this route is rated “mild to moderate” with a combination of curvy back roads, twisty single-lane roads, and remote dirt roads with mud-holes, creek crossings, rocks, and ruts with curvy moderate grade change. No Sierra Nevada Adventure ride would be complete without exploring a historical site so, you will also have the opportunity to visit a historical gold mine from the California Gold Rush.

Sierra Nevada Adventures will provide instructions to improve your skills and coach the proper techniques for off-road adventure riding. After completing this adventure training day class, you will be safer, more confident, and more prepared to go out and have a whole lot of fun on your next adventure.
-All obstacles are "challenge by choice" there are no mandatory activities and there is always a go-around.


Bring your bike, helmet, gloves, boots, and protective clothing, and we will provide the training.
If you don’t have your bike yet, we can introduce you to our local motorcycle rental company that will be happy to rent you a bike and protective gear required at a very reasonable price.
Contact and let them know you’re signing up for an SNA Adventure Training Day class.


-Riders must be at least 25 years of age.
-Riders must have a valid motorcycle license.
-Riders must wear proper protective gear, helmets, gloves, and boots.

First Half of Day:
-Meet & greet
-Bike adjustment session
-Closed course training session for dirt, mud, rocks, sand, water, and gravel.
-Lunch break Q/A session (bring water & lunch)

Second Half of Day:
-Trail etiquette and safety talk.
-On-trail training – dirt roads, water crossings, mud, slippery terrain.
-On-trail training – ascents, and descents on loose gravel.
-Q/A session including a break to visit historical sites.


RIDE DETAILS: (10 rider max)

MEETING TIME: 8:45am (begins at 9:00am) 

MEETING LOCATION: Starbucks Folsom

Starbucks 195 Placerville Road Folsom CA 95630 

*Ride returns to Folsom (approx 5:00pm)

MEALS: (Meals Not included)

*Bring water, snacks & lunch


-Hampton Inn and Suites Folsom, CA 155 Placerville Rd, Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 235-7744

*If you plan on truck/trailering your bike, there's parking available at Hampton Inn & Suites

Note: additional hotels available in Folsom CA


More details are listed under "Book this Ride"


Note: In addition to skills training, Sierra Nevada Adventures offers a variety of dual sport adventure tours throughout California’s historic Gold Country to remote wagon routes and ghost towns in the Sierra Nevada. We also offer guided tours to remote corners of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park to the Central Pacific Coast including the Lost Coast in Northern California.

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