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Sierra Buttes Lookout

If you've been looking for a challenging dual sport adventure ride with an incredible breath taking view then look no further, this is the ride that put ADV in adventure! The Sierra Buttes Adventure Ride starts out of the historic mining town of Sierra City which is located near the northern end of the Mother Lode Gold Chain along side the North Fork of the Yuba River. The ride starts just a short distance off the main street of on a small side street appropriately named Sierra Buttes road. From this point the little side street quickly turns to dirt and the adventure begins its climb up a steep narrow twisty 4x4 trail with breath taking views around every corner and doesnt stop climbing untill it reaches the impressive steel staircase nearly 5,000 feet above the the historic mining town of Sierra City. From this point you will leave your bike behind and begin your climb up the steel stair case which has more than 100 treads to reach the fire lookout tower that is perch apon the pointy craggy summit of the Sierra Buttes. As you complete the final few steps and reach the balcony of the of the fire lookout tower breath taking views will over whelm you in all directions. If you are afraid of heights than you may not have the courage to walk out to the edge of the overhanging metal grate balcony which protrudes out and over the craggy cliff nearly 1,000 feet above the jagged rock below, but for those who dare walk out beyond the edge will truly have a breath taking view from the Sierra Buttes.



Single-Day Rides

This dual sport adventure ride is perfect for medium to large dual sport adventure bikes.
Off-road terrain is rated "moderate to challenging" with lots of gold rush history & adventure.
Ride distance: 200+ miles round trip (75+ miles dirt)
One gas stop (additional gas stop available if required)
Bring water & picnic lunch

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