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What Do We Do?

SIERRA NEVADA ADVENTURES (SNA) is a leading dual sport ADVENTURE company that offers over 60 different guided motorcycle tours with over 30,000 miles of adventure routes throughout the remote corners of California including amazing Western State destinations. SNA typically schedules 25 different tours each year between February and November so, the ride schedule is different each year. SNA also provides ADV training classes during the Spring and Fall season.

SNA OFF-ROAD and on-road guided ADVENTURE tours and ADV Training classes are designed for middleweight (650cc-950cc) to heavyweight (1000cc-1250cc+) dual sport ADVENTURE motorcycles. Although rides are designed for middleweight to heavyweight ADVENTURE motorcycles, less than (650cc) lightweight dual sport motorcycles are welcome on SNA rides and training classes. Please refer to the SNA Rating System page to review details regarding on-road and OFF-ROAD terrain.

SNA guided ADVENTURE tours EXPLORE the perfect combination of on-road and OFF-ROAD routes with a combination of remote DIRT ROADS, curvy two-lane back roads, twisty single-lane goat roads, scenic mountain passes, and historic DIRT WAGON routes to unique geological sites, historical Gold Rush sites and ghost towns throughout the SIERRA NEVADA, Pacific Coast, Mojave Desert, Death Valley, and beyond... including amazing locations throughout the Western States.

SNA Tours provides an experienced lead rider, and sweep rider so, there is no need for a map or GPS. SNA routes are explored in advance to ensure the perfect combination of on-road and off-road ADVENTURE! SNA provides a wealth of knowledge of historical sites, points of interest, and unique geological sites, including photography to capture your ADVENTURE!

SNA provides trip coordination for routes, restaurants, fuel stops, hotel, and camping recommendations including tools to fix trail side repairs as needed on guided ADVENTURE tours. SNA excludes hotels, camping, and meal accommodations to keep the cost of the tour affordable and avoid overcharging for these services. SNA membership is FREE: As a member, you receive a discount on all ADVENTURE rides and ADV training classes.

SNA National Park ADVENTURE tours EXPLORE world-class destinations such as Yosemite National Park, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Redwood National Park, Big Sur, Joshua Tree National Park, and Death Valley National Park.

SNA out-of-state ADVENTURE tours EXPLORE amazing western states, such as Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, including world-class National Parks throughout the western states. Please refer to the Out of State ride page to review details regarding out-of-state guided ADVENTURE tours.

SNA specializes in providing ADVENTURE training classes designed for middleweight to heavyweight dual sport ADVENTURE motorcycle riders. Ready to IMPROVE your SKILLS for ADVENTURE riding? Ready to gain the confidence to explore OFF-ROAD in the dirt, mud, rocks, gravel, sand, and water crossings on your dual sport ADVENTURE motorcycle? Please refer to ADV Training for more details.

SNA rides are a great deal more than simple GPS routes created with modern-day technology. SNA rides are created by a lifetime of exploring the land and studying the routes once traveled by early American mountain men such as Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, John Grizzly Adams, etc., including historical routes explored by adventurous pioneers from the California Gold Rush. SNA personally explores every SNA route to ensure the perfect combination of on-road and off-road routes from curvy back roads, twisty single-lane roads, remote dirt roads, and historic wagon routes to unique geological sites, historical mining sites, and ghost towns from the Wild West.

SIERRA NEVADA ADVENTURES motorcycle ADVENTURE touring company is recognized by motorcycle enthusiasts around the world and Adventure Rider Magazine as a leader in providing premium guided ADVENTURE motorcycle tours in SIERRA NEVADA and beyond...

What Is Dual Sport Adventure?

Dual Sport ADVENTURE is a term for the combination of on-road and OFF-ROAD motorcycles. Dual Sport ADVENTURE motorcycles are considered middleweight (650cc-950cc) to heavyweight (1000cc-1250cc+) ADVENTURE motorcycles which offer the enthusiast the best of both worlds for EXPLORING remote DIRT ROADS and historic DIRT WAGON routes while still capable of traveling back roads and scenic byways. Simply put, this style of motorcycle riding is perfect for those who seek ADVENTURE!

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