Sierra Nevada Adventures

What Do We Do?

Sierra Nevada Adventures is a dual sport adventure company that offers guided tours throughout California’s historic Gold Country to remote wagon routes and ghost towns in the Sierra Nevada, We also offer guided tours to remote corners of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park to the Central Pacific Coast including the Lost Coast in Northern California.

Sierra Nevada Adventures Motorcycle Touring is recognized by motorcycle enthusiast around the world and Adventure Rider Magazine as a leader in providing premium guided motorcycle tours in the Sierra Nevada and beyond.

What Is Dual Sport Adventure?

Dual Sport Adventure is a term for the combination of street & off-road motorcycles. Dual Sport Adventure motorcycles are considered medium (650cc) to large size (1200cc) dual sport adventure motorcycles which offer the enthusiast the best of both worlds of exploring remote dirt roads and jeep trails while still capable of traveling back roads and scenic byways. Simply put, this style of motorcycle riding is perfect for those who seek adventure!

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