Sierra Nevada Adventures Membership Benefits

As a member,
You receive a $20.00 discount on all rides and ADV training.
You receive a newsletter to notify you of upcoming events.

Sierra Nevada Adventures rides are guided dual sport ADVENTURE tours with an experienced lead rider and a sweep rider so there is no need for a map or GPS.

Rides are designed for (650cc+) to (1200cc+) dual sport ADVENTURE motorcycles.

Ride routes provide the perfect combination of curvy back roads, scenic mountain passes, remote dirt roads and historic wagon routes to unique and historic sites.

Off-road routes are two-track dirt roads with a variety of terrain from easy, mild, moderate to challenging. Please refer to the SNA website to review the ”Rating System” for more details regarding off-road terrain.

SNA Mark, your tour guide at Sierra Nevada Adventures has used a life-time experiences of exploring the Sierra Nevada and remote corners of California to create amazing dual sport adventure rides.

SNA Mark has a wealth of experience about the geology and flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada including California Gold Rush history that he shares with the SNA members on the tours to enhance your adventure.

SNA Mark has used this wealth of experience to create amazing routes with the perfect combination of scenic roads and remote dirt roads including unique points of interest.

Rides are equipped with appropriate tools to fix and repair most trail side needs as required.

Ride Swag, you will receive a custom SNA t-shirt and stickers on multi-day rides to remember your epic adventure!

SNA provides an experienced lead guide and a sweep rider on pre-planned routes with unique landmarks and points of interest.

SNA provides the logistics and routes so, there’s no need for a map or GPS (just show up and enjoy the ride)

SNA provides safety in numbers (extremely important when exploring off-road)

SNA provides mechanical support to fix and repair most trail side needs as required.

SNA members are motorcycle enthusiast who love to explore and seek adventure. It’s your opportunity to join an amazing group of adventure riders at no cost. SNA membership is Free!

SNA recommends for all riders to wear protective riding gear for adventure riding.

SNA requires personal health insurance coverage and recommends tow and medical transport insurance.

SNA provides hotel and restaurant recommendations but SNA does not provide all-inclusive trips.

Note: All inclusive trips may sound good but all-inclusive really means you pay more. We here at SNA feel it’s best to allow you to book the hotels that fit your needs, your budget at the actual price provided by the hotels. We also feel it’s best to allow you to choose your meals and pay the actual price provided by the restaurants.

Terms & Conditions

Please view our Terms & Conditions to learn more about our policies and requirements when booking a ride with us.

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