Sierra Nevada Adventures Frequently Asked Questions

Mark Girardi standing next to motorcycle looking at mountains

What does SNA membership provide? SNA membership is FREE, and as a member, you receive a discount on all rides and training classes including a discount on special events. Members receive the SNA newsletter for upcoming events to notify them of upcoming events so, members can sign up for rides prior to non-members. Visit the SNA membership page to become a member.

GUIDED TOURS in CALIFORNIA: (10 to 15 riders typically with a 20-rider max)

Membership Fee listed: (additional $20 for non-members)

  • $145 per rider one-day tour.
  • $295 per rider two-day tour.
  • $395 per rider three-day tour.
  • $495 per rider four-day tour.
  • $595 per rider five-day tour.
  • $495 per rider three-day tour California Backcountry Discovery Routes (CABDR) 

GUIDED TOURS in OUT-OF-STATE DESTINATIONS: (10 to 15 riders typically with a 20-rider max)

Membership Fee listed: (additional $20 for non-members)

  • $895 per rider five-day tour.
  • $995 per rider Six-day tour.

ADV TRAINING at PRARIE CITY STATE PARK CA: (6 to 10 riders typically with a 10-rider max)

Membership Fee listed: (additional $20 for non-members)

  • $325 ADV Training Day - Levels 1 and 2 (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • $325 Next Level ADV Training - Levels 2 and 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)

What is provided? SNA provides trip coordination for routes, restaurants, fuel stops, hotel, and camping recommendations including tools to fix trail side repairs as needed on guided ADVENTURE tours. SNA excludes hotels, camping, and meal accommodations to keep the cost of the tour affordable and avoid overcharging for these services.

Does SNA provide All-inclusive trips? SNA does not provide all-inclusive trips. All-inclusive trips may sound good but all-inclusive really means you pay more. We here at SNA feel it’s best to allow you to book the hotels that fit your needs, and your budget at the actual price provided by the hotels. We also feel it’s best to allow you to choose your meals and pay the actual price provided by the restaurants to keep the cost of the ADVENTURE ride affordable and fits your needs and your budget.


Does SNA provide Custom Adventure Rides? Yes, SNA provides custom-guided adventure tours that are custom-designed to fit your style and skill level for ADVENTURE riding from mild to wild. Visit the SNA custom ride page for more information.

Are support vehicles used? SNA does not provide support vehicles on ADVENTURE tours. Riders are responsible for carrying their personnel gear as needed for single-day and multi-day adventure rides.

Why should I attend an SNA adventure? SNA members tell us, they enjoy SNA-guided ADVENTURE tours because rides explore exciting OFF-ROAD routes and scenic on-road routes to interesting historical points of interest. Members tell us they enjoy learning the history of the unique points of interest such as ghost towns and abandoned mines including the pioneers and prospectors that once lived and explored these remote locations. They tell us they like riding in a group to have the safety in numbers and not have the worry of getting lost or having a mishap or breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Members also tell us they enjoy the camaraderie between SNA members and having the opportunity to meet like-minded people who soon become friends.

How many miles will we ride per day? SNA rides are typically approximately 200 miles round trip per day with approximately 75 miles of off-road ADVENTURE per day. SNA rides explore a wide variety of landscapes and terrain from foothills, mountains, deserts, and coastal regions so we recommend reviewing the event details specific for each ride that covers the mileage including additional information specific for each adventure ride.

How much riding experience must I have to participate? SNA provides a large variety of ADVENTURE rides with a wide range of off-road challenges from easy, mild, moderate, challenging including difficult so, SNA members can choose the level of challenge from beginner to advanced that fits their skill level and experience. SNA provides a lead rider and sweep rider so, no one gets left behind, and riders can ride their own pace. SNA highly recommends that riders ride at their own pace. SNA also provides ADV training classes for a variety of different skill levels from beginner to advanced for adventure riding.

What type of riders travel with Sierra Nevada Adventures? SNA members are motorcycle enthusiasts who come from all walks of life and bring a wide variety of experiences with a common goal of exploring by means of two wheels and seeking ADVENTURE!

Can a friend join me on an SNA adventure ride? Yes, you're welcome to invite a friend to experience what Sierra Nevada Adventures rides are all about. Please remind your friend that SNA membership is free so, they can receive the SNA membership discount for ADVENTURE rides and training classes.

Is it necessary for me to have a map or GPS? No, SNA Tours provides an experienced lead rider, and sweep rider so, there is no need for a map or GPS. SNA routes are explored in advance to ensure the perfect combination of off-road and on-road adventures. SNA provides a wealth of knowledge of historical sites, points of interest, and unique geological sites, including photography to capture your ADVENTURE!

Can I trailer my bike to the meeting location? Yes, you can trailer your bike. SNA rides return to the meeting location so, you can truck/trailer your bike to the meeting location.

Are there any new SNA rides in the future? Yes, SNA is always working on new ADVENTURE rides, for example; SNA is currently working on new ADVENTURE rides in California including new out-of-state ADVENTURE rides to amazing Western State locations.