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Clearwater LED Lights

Clearwater's High-Quality LED Lights and all components are made in the USA.

The Clearwater Lights Husqvarna Norden 901 Kit is now officially released and uses the Clearwater Darla Lights with a special mount designed to utilize the factory adjustment system for a perfect fit to replace the stock fairing lights to provide a custom look for the Husqvarna Norden 901.

I’ve had the opportunity to test Clearwater LED Lights in extreme conditions from cold, hot, rain, wind, hail, and snow and I’m glad to report Clearwater LED Lights to perform extremely well in all conditions.

Clearwater Lights are extremely bright, durable, and fully adjustable. Your ability to see and be seen in every lighting situation greatly enhances your safety during the day or night. Clearwater Lights are perfect for added visibility, country roads, commuting, city riding, and being more noticeable on off-road ADVENTURE!

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Clearwater LED Lights tested and recommended by Sierra Nevada Adventures