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Timbuctoo and Beyond

You’ve heard tall tales to describe some unknown place far away, like “From here to Timbuctoo,” not having the remotest idea of where this place could be or if a place named Timbuctoo even existed, well Timbuctoo, does it exist? Yes, there actually is a Timbuctoo and it’s located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.


This dual sport adventure ride explores fun back roads, historic dirt roads, and forgotten mining towns in the Yuba River region of the Sierra Nevada Gold Country. Timbuctoo & Beyond is the perfect early spring season dual sport adventure ride with low elevation, fun dirt-roads, back-roads and unique Gold Rush history and adventure! During the early days of the California Gold Rush a man from Timbuktu Africa was prospecting in a ravine near the Yuba River and discovered gold in the ravine which was named after the man’s home town. Soon after his discovery of gold word got out and the miners who were prospecting along the Yuba River gathered in the ravine with hopes to strike it rich. The rich placer diggins continued to pay off so miners from all around the world began to flock to the area and a new town sprang to life. The mining town of Timbuctoo continued to grow and the placer diggins enjoyed further success making the town of Timbuctoo become the largest town in eastern Yuba County during the 1850s.


Timbuctoo enjoyed its heyday during the 1850s and the rich placer diggins allowed for the construction of permanent buildings of wood and brick which included many stores, businesses, saloons, hotels, a theater, a church and a brick Wells Fargo office. During the 1850s Timbuctoo was a thriving mining town but as time went on the rich placer diggin’s suddenly came to an end when a court ruling brought an end to hydraulic mining in 1884 and the town of Timbuctoo became a ghost town lost in time. Today the crumbled ruins of the Wells Fargo Office, the scared hillsides, and the lost dreams of the prospectors still remain to be seen and explored to the ones who seek adventure.


Single-Day Ride

This dual sport adventure ride is perfect for medium to large dual sport adventure bikes.
Off-road terrain is rated “mild to moderate” with lots of gold rush history & adventure.
Ride distance: 200+ miles round trip (75+ miles dirt roads)
One gas stop (125 mile range required)
Bring water & picnic lunch.

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